Foodbank AU is Calling for Heroes

Foodbank AU is Calling for Heroes

The Food Bank of Australia is a non-profit, non-denominational, and apolitical foundation that carries out solidarity work. It contributes to helping people who reside in Australia. Notably, they help those who for one reason or another, urgently need their most basic need to feed themselves.

Their main objective is to contribute to the exercise of social justice, regarding the right of every human being to have sufficient food for their dignified subsistence.

Food Crisis and Covid-19 Challenges

The food crisis is a term used to explain the situation when countries or people fail to meet food needs.

The food crisis has deepened. It is due to the rise in agricultural and food prices due to the global Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak.

The food crisis can have several stages or degrees; for example, it can be in the presence of a simple shortage or a complete famine due to the lack of food for people.

As you may be aware some people are stocking foods with so much panic. As a result, those in mid-range class and low-end class are find difficulties to find their basic needs, food. That is why Foodbank need you!

How you can be a Hero in this situation (With Foodbank)

Foodbanks mission is to "Help the hungry." They do this by receiving donations of food and products from companies, agricultural producers, and supermarkets. They then distribute among social organizations that feed people in need on the spot.

#1 Foodbank receive them

They are requesting donations of products fit for consumption that, for various reasons, were taken out of circulation. These donations come mainly from the food industry, supermarkets, fruit, and vegetable producers.

Foodbank receive both perishable and non-perishable food, as we have an adequate warehouse to classify and store them. We also have cold chambers for refrigerated and frozen products.

#2 Foodbank categorize and Store Them

The warehouse area is in charge of managing all the merchandise received. Among its tasks are the receipt and unloading of trucks, the classification, and subsequent storage, as well as the consolidation of orders for their following delivery to social organizations.

Stock management software allows us to keep an accurate record of the income and exits. It also has an alarm mechanism that informs the next expiration dates and prevents the issuance of expired products.

#3 Foodbank Distribute Them

After being classified and stored, the food and products are distributed among social organizations that are located in Australia.

All these organizations feed more than 140,000 people per day, of which 74% are children and adolescents. The social organizations with which we collaborate can be vary, such as:

  • Community kitchens.
  • Nursing homes.
  • School supports.
  • Rehabilitation centers.

If you want to learn how you can help Foodbank please follow the link below: