DIY Mandala Room Decor – Bohemian Pillow Cases & Bohemian Style Hippie Comforter Sets

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DIY Mandala Room Decor – Bohemian Pillow Cases & Bohemian Style Hippie Comforter Sets

Those who want to add a whimsical, cozy and colourful touch to their home decor would surely love Bohemian style the perfect choice. A Hippie decor adds a lot of love and peace to any space. A Bohemian room is the one that reflects your mood and personality perfectly. It gives you a great way to express your inner Hippie. There are various ways you can convert your space into a mesmerizing Bohemian retreat. Here are some DIY ideas with creative and budget-friendly options to decorate your room in a Hippie theme.

Mandala pattern is the most common and attractive design used in Bohemian style home decor items. The mandala symbol is an art represents the universe and is considered to be a source of positive energy which makes the space lively and refreshing. In various traditions, mandalas are employed to focus attention of practitioners as serves as a spiritual guidance tool to establish a sacred space, aiding meditation.

Bohemian pillow cases and comforter sets available at Online Discount Shop Australia feature the mandala symbol and other geometric patterns which can easily make your room looking vibrant and energetic. Mandala room decor is colorful and soothing at the same time and the ethnic and religious symbol in bold colors and intricate patterns is sure to catch attention.

Bohemian Pillow Cases


The most beautiful thing about Bohemian room decor is that it can be fun and interesting without breaking your bank. Bohemian pillow cases are fun and warm and add a pop of color to any decor theme. You can choose from a variety of creatively designed Hippie pillow cases at Online Discount Shop Australia to style your home in a Bohemian theme.

Pillow cases in a Bohemian pattern come with vintage patterns and interesting colors to complement any decor. They are often decorated with floral motifs, geometric patterns and mandalas and tend to seek a lot of attention when thrown at beds and sofas.

Bohemian Style Hippie Comforter Sets


It is possible to transform any boring bedroom into a restful and refreshing retreat using Hippie Comforter Sets available in a wide variety of eye-catching designs. Such comforter sets are generally created using soft fabric and come in a set of pillow cases, comforter and shams.

Here, at Online Discount Shop Australia, you get a huge selection of Boho inspired patterns, designs and colors to match your preferences and decor. You can either pick a comforter in your favorite color to throw at your couch, armchair or couch to provide them an interesting look and feel or choose from comforter sets to decorate your living room, bed room, kids or guest room in a Hippie style of your choice.

Choose from a wide range of Mandala Room Decor products including Bohemian Pillow Cases and Comforter Sets available in a variety of patterns, colors and sizes at discounted prices here. With a huge selection of Bohemian decor items, you are sure to find the right ones matching your taste and needs. Shop here to benefit from massive discounts and free shipping on all the purchases.